New kid in town – Kiabi


Oh there’s a newbie in town – The first Flemish Kiabi store just opened this week in Bruges and I had the awesome opportunity to check it out first. I must say I had never heard of Kiabi before, so I was really happy to discover this brand new concept. It exists for a while already but for me it was brand new, and when discovering something new I get really excited. Must say that Kiabi really pleased me, they offer some really cool-fashion forward styles for small prices. Like this super dope checked suit that I had to try on! It was only 29 eur for the blazer and 20 eur for the pants. So you get a full look for a budget under 50 eur. A whole new shopping experience for me, but I must say I liked it. Also found this pretty cool bright and poppy orange hoodie. Always fun to play around with and brighten up your Fall look.

So next time you pay a visit to this extremely gorgeous city, step by at Kiabi!

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