Nothing beats a freshly squeezed lemonade #ad

Always dreamed of my very own lemonade shop, just like you see in the movies. Because let’s face it, every one of us loves a good lemonade. We all love this refreshing taste! So when Sodastream came up with this amazing new Soda making machine I had to get it. I’ve never tried one before and since I received this Sodastream as a gift, me and my boyfriend are really hooked. Making lemonade on a daily base now, just filling up our bottle with fresh cold water, turning on our machine et voila we got sparkling water. Squeeze a lemon in your bottle and add a bit of coconut sugar or normal sugar and there you have it! A freshly made lemonade! Whoop whoop! So yummy! Plus thanks to Sodastream  we try to reduce plastic bottles entering our apartment, and that is just a beginning of reducing the pastic bottles in our oceans. Once a year we have that one day to think about sustainability, 10 th October. Then we thought why would we do this just one day a year?  No plastic bottles anymore, but nice sparkling tap water. I try to think about reducing my plastic more and more, I would love to see all fruits and vegetables in supermarkets without plastic and people stepping out of the supermarkets without the plastic bags. But this will probably still take a while. But we can start just with a little change already.

– With SodaStream Crystal in-house, you simply make tap water in a blast of sparkling water. You don’t have to go out for a sparkling drink! –

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