A magic ritual – Delbove Botanicals

A few month’s ago, a very cute skincare shop opened in Antwerp. So cute that I couldn’t resist entering it. Despite the fact that I was happy with my ongoing skincare ritual that moment, I had to discover this new cute little shop. A shop that triggered me in every way. With its gorgeous packages of the products, the interior of the store, all the gold details, but especially the story behind this so called store Delbove Botanicals. A power couple that was dissatisfied with the products that were available ( in 1967 ) on the market and sure of his acquired knowledge, Roger Delbôve convinces his wife, Marion – former collaborator of Helena Rubinstein in Belgium – to join him in developing a treatment based on the principle of homeostasis. A treatment that allows the skin to regain its balance and natural functions, without any tricks. And that is when this power couple invented the Crème Sorcière. A crème that can be used by both male as female clients, and with its main intention te restore the skin and to keep the skin hydrated. And I putted this cream to the test, together with their well known Eau Sorcière. All products at Delbove Cosmetics are made with medicinal plants and noble ingredients, all selected according to strict scientific principles and that is when they really got me. I had to try this new cleansing and hydrating formula and I haven’t regret it! My skin looks better, less red and more hydrated! Curious about how the magic cleansing ritual works? Then don’t forget to watch my video in this post!

Delbove Magic Ritual including Eau Sorcière + Crème Sorcière

  • Use 50 ml of water + 2 sprays of Eau Sorcière ( you can build up the sprays after 1 week, max 8 sprays)
  • Dip 2 to 3 large cottons
  • Squize firmly and reserve
  • Take a dab of Crème Sorcière
  • Then mix it in the palms of your hands with the Eau Sorcière preparation until your hands are white
  • Apply in circular movements
  • Repeat emulsification & massage 5 times
  • Remove your make up with the cotton pad en then pat dry with a soft towel
  • End your routine with a dab of Crème Socière
  • Et voila, your magical routine is done! You’ll see the magic happen within 1 month!


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