Don’t you just hate it, when you are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly and starts to push into your skin at the end of the day. Some bra’s even leave visible marks on my skin after wearing them. Hate it! But this problem is really gone with the wind, since sloggi designed their new ZERO Feel tops. These tops are seamless, the most comfy ever and they actually don’t leave marks into your skin. No more heavy bra’s, only ZERO FEEL tops for me please! These amazing tops are designed in funky colors like turquoise, coral, but also in the most basic colors like black and nude to match your favorite party dress. I just went all the way with turquoise, since I had the idea of wearing my top during summer as an actual top as well, on a long loose fitted pants. It is so extremely comfy that I just want to wear it as much as possible, and leave my old bra’s behind! Did I get you on board ladies? Let’s Unfasten Yourself! Fore more scoop, check out the sloggi Instagram or Facebook page.

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