-Unfasten Yourself ladies-

Sometimes we all forget to unfasten ourselves. We do seem to forget how import this really is, for our body and soul. With a busy lifestyle that we all are trying to keep up with, it is important to plan once a week a little moment just for yourself. To rewind. To give your mind some peace. At that is what this new ZERO FEEL campaign of sloggi is all about. – Unfasten Yourself- By feeling free and powerful in your new lingerie! No more painful bra’s, you will now only experience the joy of lingerie! For me unfastening myself is for example going to a boxing lesson, it really takes my mind to another universe. And I just love to stay focussed during the game, and not worry about anything. Especially not an annoying bra or top. What about you girls? How do you love to Unfasten Yourself? Follow me trough my journey in the next upcoming months, more scoop coming soon! In the mean time, get a glimpse of the new sloggi top.

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