The season of -giving-

The holidays are the season of giving, we like to treat our loved ones with a precisely selected gift. I really find joy in picking out these cute little gifts for my family and even boyfriend. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but we just love to share our love with them and showing that by picking out the best presents ever. Don’t know what to give your beloved partner this year? Well, let me help you out! I always had a thing with these amazing Daniel Wellington watches. They’re classy, sophisticated and minimal. And that happens to fit my personal style when it comes to watches. I don’t like the bling bling thing, when it comes to watches I try to keep it as simple as possible. So hopefully my brother isn’t reading this, but I am buying him the perfect present this year! A classy leather strapped Daniel Wellington watch. Especially since they just launched these amazing gift boxes for Christmas. He will be crazy about it! Did I get you warm as well for these gift boxes? Then make sure to use the code -bibleoffashion- and get -15% discount on the collection!

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