Keeping the Christmas spirit high


Oh my the only thing I love about these cold winter days is holiday season and then especially Christmas! Seeing my family members back enjoying pretty good food and choosing the right holiday looks. As for today I was freezing my ass off this morning, so I was happy to have my beloved teddy coat in my closet. This really is the perfect example of a love-hate relationship that we have, I love it so badly that I hate it that I never wore another coat again for the last past weeks. Just adore this Les Jumelles coat so much! As much as I adore these gorgeous new black booties by Wonders. They are so extremely comfy! Seriously Wonders is one of my most favorite shoe brands for booties, since every time I buy booties of this brand they are so extremely easy to match my looks and so comfortable. They really have the right fit for my feet. So glad these two new must haves kept me warm today, together with my coffee! And what about you guys? What are you planning to do, during the holidays?



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