A few months ago when my skin wasn’t itself anymore, I was desperately on the look for natural make up brands that used only pure minerals. That’s when I discovered Claré Blanc. One of the very few brands that are one with nature and work with love for nature. Discovering their amazing super balanced loose foundations and luminizing powders was really a blessing. I use make up on a daily base, and when your skin is going trough a stressful winter time with break outs and dryness, you only opt for natural products that will not make things worse. And these 2 new products in my closet got me hooked immediately. I just love it that they blend out so easily and feel so light on your skin. Probably one of the reasons is that the products of Claré Blanc are made with jojoba ingrediënts and wild rose oils, etc. The products are known to soften and soothe while also slowing down the aging process. Plus they are designed for every skin type, even for those with a really sensitive skin and lots of allergies. (aka Me) The products that I was mostly curious about were the eyeshadows. I’ve never worked with loose eyeshadows in the past. So in the beginning I must say I struggled a bit with it. But then a second later I saw the brighter note of it. These eyeshadows are so so pigmented,  and that is seriously lit! They get their full color thanks to the natural ingredients and saturated pigments. The fun thing is that they can be applied dry or wet, and the best thing is that they are long-lasting and don’t fade on the skin or run. Hello New Year’s Eve party! I am definitely wearing them tomorrow, since the party will probably continue until early in the morning. So let’s take these eyeshadows to the test! Keep you in the loop guys! Don’t forget to use my personal promocode -bibleoffashionjulie- when ordering your new favorite natural Claré Blanc products.


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