Yass, big news people! This year I got nominated for the Hunkemöller blogger awards! Not in fashion, but in the category sports this time.

I told you guys a few times already that I work out on a frequent base, so nothing is more fun than getting a little extra reward for it. I was kinda surprised, because let’s face it, I am really not a professional sporty spice. I just enjoy working out several times a week, but not on a daily base. 4 times a week, 1 hour, I give my mind a little rest and take my body to the test. In fact, working out has been a way to keep my body under control. Really not the skinny type of girl, I love and embrace my curves, but I really need to keep them under control. It is kindy into my natural genes, that I need to watch my body weight and set my body goals, since I have a really slow metabolism.

Thanks to my personal trainer I got to know this fact, and we’re working on it. Eating cleaner than before ( on most of the days ) and working out more than ever. Also I’m turning 30 in 3 years, so I can see my body changing and sports can help you with that! Not really good in working out by myself, that’s why I got in touch with Cuerpo, the functional training studio where I work out once a week. They guys offer me the best support and work out tips, without them I wouldn’t be nominated probably.. Because thanks to Cuerpo I started enjoying sports more. On days where I don’t visit Cuerpo, I try to go for a run in the park or do a home work out.

In fact, speaking about home workouts, I got to know a really cool sports program by a Belgian girl, that films her work out video’s and tries to get you to work out at home by simple but really good exercises. Burpees, lunges, squats, they are all in these 30 minute video’s of Feel Fantesstic. The perfect way to work out for people that have less free time, and still want to stay in shape. Now enough said about my daily workout routine! Without good work out clothes, I would be helpless of course.

So when I started working out a few years ago, I easily got to know Hunkemöller. I go there several times a year to shop some cute lingerie, but in fact also for my sportswear. Their HKM collection is always on trend, and they really spend a lot of thought on comfort and flexibility. Nothing more annoying than a legging that doesn’t stretch enough while doing your squats or burps. But the most important thing is of course your workout bra, and that is why I chose for HKM in the first place. They are already well known for their bra collections, so believe me they know what they’re doing with the sports bra’s.

A sports bra needs to give you the right support and comfort, otherwise you’ll get problems while jumping on a step or doing some rope skipping. Believe me it can hurt when you’re not wearing a good bra while hitting the ropes! It is the most important thing of your work out look, so we better choose it wisely. Finishing my look, I always go for a more casual hoodie. After a sweaty sesh, it is really fun to just throw on this oversized sweat and head for a quick coffee or soda. You look casual in it and it is appropriate to wear outside on the streets. And why not one with a cool quote on it? Namaste..

And what about you? What is your favorite workout look and workout routine? Let me know, and in the mean time it would be really cool if you guys could give me a thumbs up and vote for me! Just head over to the HKM page, and do the magic!







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