What else on a gloomy weekend like yesterday, than putting on your sporty clothes and going for a run. Summer is definitely far away from us, and while still processing this, I try to enjoy this new season. I must say I really am someone who need sun in their life, just to keep me smiley and happy. But sadly this is not reality, so I better get used to the gloomy weather again. Once Fall season kicks in, I catch myself wearing mostly black again. It’s just so classy and easy to wear black, it matches almost everything and I guess it flatters me. So yes, even my new watch is black and so is my sports outfit. This tracksuit that is by the way, super comfortable, was designed for the signature collection that stands for the new Bjorn Borg movie – campaign. I really wear Bjorn Borg a lot while working out, but this tracksuit is gonna be taken to a whole other places than the workout ground. It is really the most comfortable thing ever! Plus it matches my new black-rosé watch by Daniel Wellington. They just designed a newbie called, the petite ashfield watch. Really cute and effortless chic! Just love these watches, they are affordable and they fit every occasion. And that is what a watch need to be, it needs to fit every look that you would like to wear. And of course keep you running on time 🙂

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