With a new season, comes a new wardrobe plan. We woman, we like to invest in a few basics that fit the season. Like summer stands for dresses, off – shoulder tops and sandals, Fall stands for funky turtlenecks and cute accessories. Here are a few must-haves of mine that I tried to match together in 1 complete, full look.

The fisherman hat / a funky turtleneck / a basic suit, perfect for both work as dinners / simple booties, that match every occasion.

First of all, the fisherman hat. Yes, we can not escape on this one during this Fall. The Dutchies were the first ones ruling this trend, but we picked it up pretty quickly. It is a fun way to make your look complete AND keep you warm during winter days. Tip, don’t take the loose – fitted ones as you want them to keep you warm during windy days. You don’t want to see yourself running after your hat in the streets. Next, the funky turtleneck. I really am a turtle neck fan, since I told you guys a thousand times already that I easily get gold. So mostly I try to wear a scarf to keep me warm, but on days when I can wear a turtleneck no scarves are needed anymore YAY. So it fits you nicely, keeps you warm, and makes you look elegant. What do we want more.. Speaking about elegant, a nice and proper suit can never be unseen in your Fall closet. Or even in your all-year-round closet actually. Since I am a communication x webshop manager in a fashion store, I do sometimes work in the store as well. And there is nothing more fun than to not overthink my look in the morning, and to just step in a comfy suit that looks elegant as hell and business proof. En plus, suits are really the deal this season. So you really need to have one for your fancy parties as well. Why not order one immediately? Last one, maybe one of the most important things of the season, shoes. Booties in particularly. Since booties are warm, rain-proof and cool! Last year was all about the velvet bootie, but this year the cowboy bootie is back! I went for a basic kaki suede version, that is comfy enough to wear for work or for a day in the city. I would suggest you do the same, make sure to have at least one comfy, pretty bootie in your Fall wardrobe. And if you are feeling the bootie trend, I would go for another colorful pair in your closet that you can wear on special occasions. Are you afraid for suede during winter season? Don’t be, Omoda’s tips will ensure you how to keep them clean and pretty! Make sure to check out the brands that I was wearing, and let me know if I can help you guys out with more tips for Fall!



H&M, fisherman’s cap // ESPRIT, striped turtleneck // DRYKORN, dark blue suit // NUBIKK BY OMODA, booties.



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