You’ve probably heard a lot about beauty tips and tricks or even facts. But this one came quite new to me. Not that it was not logical, but just didn’t think about it that way. So here it is. Did you guys know that your eyes experience over 10000 micro movements each day? They blink almost 10 times in a minute, but technically they almost ‘ walk 8 km’s ‘ every day. We always think about anti-aging for our skin, but not particularly for our eyes. Yes of course I use an eye cream, but little did I know that the eyes were the ones that needed hydration the most. Since they tend to work all day long and I never really stood still about it. That’s when I decided to use eye cream or eye serum EVERY NIGHT! Because at night our skin has some time to rest, just like our minds, they don’t need to walk the 8 km’s at night so we can let the skin around our eyes recover at night and soak up all the goodness that is in the serum. One of my favorite skin care brands of the moment is Estée Lauder. I already told you why, since this was the first brand that I came in touch with when I was really young. My granny swears by Estée Lauder. So now I’m starting to believe that I swear by them too. Since this new Advanced Night Repair eye serum is saving me from early anti-aging. Now you girls follow me in line please, you’ll thank me later.

The Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix is now available in store!

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