staying hydrated 24/7 with Estée Lauder Daywear



One of the most important things to prevent you from wrinkles or damage marks is hydration. You can never start early enough with a good day cream or moisturizer. I started with it when I was around 16 years old, and over the years I’ve tested out lots of brands and sorts of moisturizers but one brand stayed in my bathroom closet. Estée Lauder. The brand that gave my grandma a smooth and almost wrinkle-free skin for 75 years already. I really look up to this lady, so when she taught me some beauty hacks x basics, I took note precisely. This year Estée Lauder just launched its newest product, the DayWear 24H moisturizing creme – the most intense hydration creme to date. The super protective creme infuses the skin with an intense surge of moisture that keeps the skin hydrated for 24h, helping the skin fight against signs of premature aging. One of the most effective anti-oxidants ever! So I had to try this one!

I kinda like light textured day creams, that smoothen the skin immediately without laying a grease film on your skin. I want to wake up, clean my face with a good toner,  followed by a splash of cold water to give my skin an instant boost and okay maybe also to wake me up.. Followed by bringing on my moisturizer precisely on my face x neck x breast, and adding a bit of mascara and concealer to give me that fresh look. So when I step out 10 minutes later, I look fresh x hydrated and healthy! And 24h later, I still want to look that fresh of course. I hate it when my skin starts to feel dry again during the day, but this new Daywear moisturizer has got it totally covered and under control. When I feel a bit blue, or need a little extra color on my face, I use the tinted moisturizer – Really easy light weight package, to put into your handbag for traveling.

As you can see, I took these 2 amazing products with me on my holidays on the boat and on festivals to keep me hydrated every where I go!



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