Back in Belgium for rainy season, but this time I am certainly not planning to get soaking wet on my bike. All this thanks to Veritas. When they launched their new rain-proof collection last month, I had to be there. Lately I enjoy going by bike to my work, instead of with my (still very good-looking) car. Just because of the exercise of course. I love it when I can wake up, step on my bike and go straightly to my work, or dropping by the gym first before work. But telling you all this, this bike thing of mine started this summer. So now when the weather is changing and the rainy days are over-compensating the sunny days, I needed something to prevent me from getting soaking wet on my bike. Founding this cute bordeaux red water repellant jacket and leopard seat cover, got me all excited for hitting the bike during this winter season. And what about you? Discover the amazing Veritas water proof collection now in stores!

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