Oh yes, you probably recognize the design of this handmade cardigan immediately from last time. This amazing designer made me an unforgettable colorful piece of these unique cardigans for summer. But now as Fall season officially begun, it was time for a new one. As we discussed the design of my new knit, one thing was sure, that I wanted an extra long one. One to cover me up with, during the chilly days in Fall. But despite the fact that I like everything bright and poppy, I sometimes need to stick to plain, basic colors. So that is when I decided to go for a camel/beige long knit, with a small touch of bright colors on the arms. I just love how she fully understands me. When choosing your new knit, you only aks for a few colors that you would like to see in your cardigan. You don’t know what the end result will look like, because she likes to make them all unique and personal. So I always became really, really excited to see what she especially made for me. And I am always so happy with the final result. Another thing that I must honestly say, is that when I wear one of my 2 E With Love cardigans, I always get so many nice comments. In fact, I think I never got so many nice comments about a clothing piece before.. People just love that they are so unique, and that is probably the main reason why I fell for the brand in the first place.

Head over to the EWithlove instagram page, for more info! @ewithlove.



EWITHLOVE, Handmade cardigan // ZARA, Tropical two piece // CELINE, Sunglasses // LAND ROVER EVOQUE, Peeters Herentals.

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