Get our skin prepped for summer!


Nothing prettier than a summer glow! But that also means, prep-your-skin for the sun. Nothing more important than using the right sunscreen to protect you from sunburn, with the right amount of SPF. But I guess you guys figured that one out already by yourself. But this tip, I’m pretty sure, is gonna be quite new to you guys.

When temperatures are rising up, our skin is starting to sweat eventually. But when we girls sweat, it also means that we get those unpleasant itches or irritated feels. Like perhaps when I am wandering around in the city on a hot summer day, with a super cute mini skirt or my vintage Levis shorts on,  I’m getting that unpleasant feeling after a while where my legs are starting to cross each other with every step and the skin of my legs start to feel irritated.

Or when you’ve hit the gym too long, and your arms or legs started to sweat so much, and the irritated feeling is back again. Don’t you hate that?

I never knew that so many women had the same issue like me, until I discovered this amazing product Smoovall and read all those positive reviews about it!

It’s a simple spray that prevents irritated skin on situations like these, designed in a mini bottle that is perfect to put in your purse or gymbag. And really, this mini bottle saved my life in a certain way! I always hated the unpleasant feeling of an irritated skin, so really happy that this product is now available online! And for a small price actually.. (Shop the product via my link underneath this post)

Now that we got al off this covered, it is time to give us that fresh faced summer glow again. Have you seen this cool new mini gold birthday collection by Kiko? I’ve been using the Kiko products for a long time already, but I was really happy to find all my favorite items now in a mini version. So easy to take them with me on the plane, or just to put in my purse for a quick touch up, when needed. A mini mascara and black eye pencil, a mini vibrant red lipstick and a mini bronzer. Much needed!

Another life saver, is this amazing La Mer Renewal Oil. I can not go a day without this amazing product. Especially when my skin is exposed to the sun, and of course it gets a little damaged from the sun as well. Then this product stimulates my collagen production and improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It softens my skin and gives me that glow back. Just sweep 3-5 drops over your face and neck every morning and evening and you’ll see a difference after a few days already! Last but not least, a tool that is always going with me on all of my trips. The Kawaii Krush steampod by L’Oréal Professional. It straightens my hair in a healthy easy way, and makes sure that I never have a bad-hair-day on my holidays.

Hope you guys enjoyed my tips and now go enjoy your holidays peeps!


Kawaii Krush Steampod x ZARA striped dress


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