Champagne, my dear?

Nothing better than conquering your Monday blues with a bottle of champagne! And by champagne, I mean the top-notch of campagne.. Mumm RSRV! Pleased to be invited to discover this newest bottle of the Mumm house. As a wine and champagne lover, I am always interested in new releases and champagne flavors. But with this new RSRV bottle, comes a story as well. This new champagne could only be purchased when you are a Mumm friend already or you get a bottle from a Mumm friend. Isn’t that the most exclusive yet coolest thing ever? That only when you get the chance to buy this bottle, you sort of are almost required to drink it with your friend. And don’t we love drinking a glass of champagne with a nice friend! Of course there is a tiny little chance that you can buy this bottle as wel in special champagne stores that are privileged to sell these bottles. So yes, everyone can still enjoy this amazing champagne if they want to. I already took my bottle with me, and maybe if you keep an eye on my social feed you’ll be lucky enough to win your limited bottle as well.



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