One of my obsessions lately was a pinterest-worthy art wall. So I stopped obsessing about it and got to work. It was time to create my own version of the art wall in my apartment. Digging into the best art/prints websites, it didn’t take long to discover this amazing platform Desenio. A webshop full of affordable art prints and the coolest frames. So that’s when I decided that this was going to be my first stop. The coolest thing about this amazing webshop is that they have so many styles of prints, like everyone could find their personal favorites in their collection. From classic black and white pieces, to beautiful earth or animal creations in print. I decided to go for a mismatch, with cool quotes and objects but also art – deco style pieces. The next one will be a more classic handmade art piece, I got it all figured out in my head. But thanks to Desenio I finally started with this little home project of mine. And I’m guessing that this obsession is still not over, it is going to be a long term project with much of cool art pieces in my home! Oh and what do you think of my peaceful bedroom frames? Cool isn’t it? I wanted something peaceful, to keep a zen vibe in my bedroom and not disturb the cosy feeling in this room. So what’s not better than the blue ocean and some blue marble drawings? Get your hands now on these cool frames, and even better get them with 25% discount by using the code ‘JULIE’ between 5 & 6 July.

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