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We always want to stay up-to-date with all the latest trends according to la la land. So today I am giving you some inside tips and tricks on how to choose your next eyewear accessory for next fall/winter season. One big tip: keep it retro! As you can see on my mood board, I selected three of my favorite sunglasses especially for you guys. And all 3 of them have a little vintage look and feel, because 1 thing that you need to keep in mind is that next season is all about retro pieces. Both accessories as clothes. We began to set this trend already this summer, but we let it evolve even more this Fall. I totally am obsessed with big ass sunglasses, you’ll probably figured that out months ago already.. So I included a cool bright fuchsia Céline sunglasses in my favorites. Already have the famous Céline Audrey and Marta sunglasses laying in my closet, but I must say that a fancy bright poppy color would add something extra to my look this Fall. Brighten up a vintage oversized black and white checked blazer with this cool pink sunglasses. Next is this amazing Fendi light bedazzled frame, because yass the bling bling- is back. Paris Hilton’s famous bling dress from the 90’s is now hotter than ever and worn by plenty of celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. So if you ladies want to keep up with this dazzling trend, you should provide yourself with some bling bling retro frames like this Fendi one. My last and third favorite is another retro classic but timeless piece by Céline. With these 2 bright and very visible sunglasses, we need a third one that would match every look that we have in mind.

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