Oh la la, La France! I’ve always been in love with France, especially with Paris. But now it was time for something else. Why not heading to the French Riviera for a long weekend? Since last week was the 21 st of July, the Belgian holiday. It was the right time to take a high speed train to the Côte d’Azur. Saint Tropez,  always famous for it’s legendary 21 st of July parties, was my end stop. Normally I would go by plane or by car, since I was so stupid to never consider the train to head to the French Riviera. Actually I never knew that high speed trains like, Thalys x TGV were driving these routes to Cannes and St Raphaël. So that’s why I probably never went by Train. I always take the high speed trains to Paris or London, since I just love to sit back and enjoy the view while heading to your favorite destination. And that is actually what I did last weekend, sit back, relax and enjoying my views while crossing the French countrysides. There is a new way to travel these amazing trains trough Europe. Think of a magical ticket to discover the wide wide world ( or Europe). The Interrail pass. Traveling abroad never was easier. Just pick out any European country that you’ve been longing to visit, and the B Europe service makes sure you can book and plan your trains very easily. The pass is really not so pricy at all, since normally you should book all trains separately, and now you can just buy your pass and it’s done. Only make sure to book your seats in time, otherwise their might be some extra’s that need to be charged to reserve you seat. The Interrail pass even has an upscale version, where you can travel first class with. I can really recommend you this pass, especially when you are traveling for 7 or 8 hours straight. Amazing food is included, as you can see on my picture above. So I’ve never been happier on a train in my life! Yeah and of course in Saint-Tropez! Here are a few cool places that I’ve been too during my trip and which I can highly recommend you! Enjoy my travel diary peeps! Oh and please do mind my new favorite Sacha mules. Really the easiest mules that I’ve had on my feet, and apparently never took them off again during my trip and even after! One must-have in your closet! -Get them now-



Must see places in this vibrant coast city



Les Palmiers

Tahiti beach

Morea beach ( a more younger public )

Club 55

Bagatelle beach



Pearl beach

Pizzaria Bruno

Dior des Lices ( Try out the Dior coffee )



Saint-Tropez old harbor

Saint-Tropez shopping streets

Port Grimaud old harbor

Go on a boat trip

Sip a cocktail

Dance the night away in Les Caves du Roy


For more info about the Interrail Pass visit the B Europe website.


Quick stop in my most favorite city – Paris


Neccessities you know..


Not sponsored – Just a Rimowa lover 



Hiding my sad face, when we need to catch our train back to Belgium

My happy shoes – by Sacha Shoes






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