Luxurious overnight stay at Ter Hills Hotel Maasmechelen

Always happy to arrive in this amazing luxurious hotel. It was the second time that I had the chance to spent a night in the Ter Hills Hotel in Maasmechelen. A night full of relaxation and yummy food! I actually visit the Maasmechelen Village center quite often, almost every two or three months. But the visit is always more fun when you can have a good night sleep after your little shopping spree. Nothing is more fun than going for a nice dinner and heading to a sweet hotel afterwards and waking up again in a gorgeous setting. Oh and the beds, when someone would ask me which hotel had the best beds that you already slept in? Then I would not hesitate to answer the Ter Hills Hotel. The beds are to die for! Writing this post, I almost feel like I should have a little nap in those amazing beds again. Like now, would be amazing actually after a busy weekend 🙂


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