Festival season is arriving so we better get our closet ready with some festival – proof items! Nothing beats comfy, since festivals mostly start at noon and end at night or some of them even in the morning. So better pick out your festival accessories and clothes wisely! This season we are pretty lucky that the loafer trend has landed in Europe. Nothing more comfy then a good pair of loafers or moccasins. I seriously am obsessed with them and happen to grab them in every color. It’s just that they dress so easily and your feet are more protected from glass instead of sandals. Because let’s face it, we all love festivals but we all hate getting our feet dirty while dancing the night away. So this time I straightly went for a metallic bright pink version. Perfect underneath a ripped Levis shorts or underneath a cute ruffle dress. Now the only that is left, is picking out the right sunglasses to finish my festival look! In the mean time, check out the cool Sacha collection and get your shoes ready for some serious dancing!


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