We had to wait a few years, but now it finally happened! Daniel Wellington opened it’s first flagship store in Brussels. I must say that I was an enormous fan of Daniel Wellington for a few years already. These delicate design watches are simply an affordable must have in your closet. But as much as we love to shop online, we love trying on some watches before we buy them. So YASS this problem got solved, because they now have the coolest mini shop in the heart of Brussels. Every watch fro their collection is presented in the store, and of course all their famous other accessories as well. Like the cool straps in funky summer colors or their now-brand-new arm cuffs. This store is definitely a must visit when you are planning a shopping trip to Brussels. The watch that was still missing in my collection was this cute silver steel – minimalistic one, so I was really dying to get my hands on it! Curious where the shop is located? Then check out this link, and just plan a little road trip to Brussels this weekend!

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