Discovering the heart of Maasmechelen

You know what they say, an Sunday well spend brings a week of content – Except mine just took a bit longer, it was actually a full weekend well spent. Last weekend I did nothing less than stroll around the magnificent city center of Maasmechelen. Sometimes when traveling around the world, you almost forget your own country’s highlights. The gorgeous village Maasmechelen is not a total stranger to me. I go there quite a lot to discover the latest trend in the Maasmechelen Village Outlet, but the real city centre was quite new to me. I took my amazing Evoque ( which I am still so very grateful for ) and started my trip with a delicious dinner at Ellis Burgers, because yeah we all know we need some proper fuel to kick of a weekend like this. And some delicious burgers are some pretty good fuel I think? Right after I quickly made a stop in the outlet, because I heard that the Disney x Coach collection just landed in the Maasmechelen Village Outlet. And as a Disney + bag freak, I was quite eager to get to know the collection and to get my hands on a Disney x Coach item. This way too cute mini backpack with of course a cute Disney Mini on it caught my eye immediately. I guess a few minutes later it landed in my bag I accidentally.. ( This trick doesn’t seem to work anymore to fool my boyfriend, thinking about a new one) But than what happened next is that I had the chance to visit this cool Designer store Obsis, where I’ve putted my first Balmain dress on. I kinda fancied it a lot for ages already! Like really a lot! And it was pretty cool to finally have that Kardashian-Hadid-moment. But sadly I needed to let go this way-too-gorgeous colorful metallic dress, because of, yeah the price tag. Such a shame! Maybe one day, who will tell! As you can see on my face, I still was a bit sad that I needed to let go of it, lol. But a good massage in a new B&B Maas en Mechelen made it all better. A massage always makes things better, especially when it was as good as this one. With the right amount of pressure, your mind comes to rest in just a second. I don’t know what about you, but I could get a massage everyday. Some people may not seem to like it when someones touches their body or find it quite weird or awkward. My hubby for example. But I seem to like it a lot. The feeling that you get after the massage, the extreme zen-feeling means the world to me. Of course after such a relaxing massage comes some good food. Not just any food, Italian food. A little bit of history, maybe you know or not know that Maasmechelen had a big popularity of Italians in it’s village. This is because they all went down to Maasmechelen to work in the mines. Now the mines are of course closed, but much of them stayed here to work in Belgium. And quickly followed some amazing local Italian restaurants. The Belgian people needed to learn more about their Italian traditions or pasta recipes. And so they did, and we still seem to like it a lot! So the famous Da Lidia was the restaurant that we went last week to discover more of these Italian traditions and tastes. Oh my I’ve never had such a good Vitello Tonnato and pasta in my life. And the Limoncello dessert topped it all! Never had such a dessert like this, and the owner of the restaurant gave me a little tip ¬†on how to make this delicious dessert at home. Yayy! Listen to me, when you are visiting Maasmechelen, please make sure to book a table at Da Lidia. You’ve never had some Italian food like this in your life. So you can already see and read how much I enjoyed my weekend getaway. Next week I am up to Cyprus! So excited for that trip as well! Stay tuned sunny people.



Maasmechelen Village // Da Lidia // B&B Maas en Mechelen // Obsis // Land Rover Peeters Herentals // Ellis Burgers

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