Cyprus travel guide

-If you are craving a relaxed getaway, a sporty vacation with your hubby or just a nice citytrip to discover some new local food, the most delicious wines and breathtaking views. Then Cyprus is your your next stop! But first, make sure to write down these inside tips about the amazing island.-

It was the first time that I had the chance to discover the beautiful Cyprus, but definitely not the last time. When Elizawashere contacted me to pack my bags for a sunny holiday I got so excited by hearing the name Cyprus, since it was on my travel wishlist for such a long time already. I am a real Greece-lover, and by reading more and more about the amazing surrounding countries like Cyprus. My love grow and I got more and more curious about these cool countries and Islands. There’s this weird vibe about Cyprus, since the Island was divided in two ( The Greek side and the Turkish side ). That I had to visit it, because it kinda interested me a lot. Plus the fact that I have an aunt that goes on holidays to Cyprus for years already and has made an enormous group of friends over there over the years. Since I was very little, she doesn’t seem to stop talking about it and sharing her love for the island. So now you know why I got so excited when Eliza at first contacted me. 

Eliza booked a cute country house for a group of travel and lifestyle bloggers in the middle of this cute little village Tochni, only a few km’s away from the beach. A village so small that there are only living around 300 people in this cute village, and with streets so small where it is almost impossible to drive trough with your car. But that’s what Eliza is all about actually. They look for the most beautiful characteristic houses in the cutest little villages on these holiday destinations, where you could just find your peace and enjoy the local culture. Each house has a different story. Just like the Eveleos Country house. It is owned by the most warm people I’ve ever met. Two friends with a passion for traveling abroad but with a love for their homeland Cyprus. So that’s why they decided to buy a house a few years ago, with the idea to invite people with the same interest – Traveling the world- But now more inside tips!

☀ Explore beaches

☀ Go kitesurfing

☀ Drive left

 Pura Vida

☀ Go wine tasting

☀ Taste the local food

☀ Let’s go hiking in the mountains

☀ Live the moment


Cyprus is really well-known for their amazing rocky and sandy beaches. The most beautiful ones can be found on the eastern side of the Greek part of the island. Where Ayia Napa and Protaris are located. The rock of Ayia Napa which you can see on my picture below, is one of the most famous rocks in Cyprus. So grab your camera ladies! Another cool place to go if you prefer more bays than sandy beaches is Konnos Bay. But the one that will always stay in your mind is Blue Lagoon. The enthralling turquoise waters of Blue Lagoon Akamas are so vivid they seem to glow. This natural treasure is found on the north coast of the island and is a real cool spot for snorkeling.


Not that I suggest that I am a kite surfer, but I happen to have a good eye for kite or surf spots since I really enjoy the atmosphere and the vibe around it. Wanna learn it someday, but for now I am just focussing on finishing my travel bucket list.

For the real kite surfers, Kiti Beach is really a must visit if you are up for some kite surfing during your stay. I noticed that this spot is also good place to start learning it. Since there is a spot where the water isn’t really deep, so it might be easier to learn this amazing sport.



Go wine tasting! Believe me or not, but wine is one of the most best kept secrets of Cyprus. It’s their little secret baby! Go for a local winemaker  in the neighbourhood of Pelendri or Platres and Agios and taste their amazing wines. If you prefer more high end quality wines, then Ktima Dafermou is a must visit.





There is nothing more peaceful than this country house. Those small, cute rooms with their own little terrace mean the world to me. You’ll have the most relaxing stay, I promise!


Nothing more fun than a good hike in the mountains. I always miss my sports when I am on trip, sometimes I just go for a quick run. But if I can choose a hike in the mountains, I always opt for that! Troodos is the largest mountain range in Cyprus, located in roughly the center of the island. Troodos’ highest peak is Mount Olympus at 1,952 meters, so you better prepare yourself for a good and heavy hike people.

Last but not least, enjoy your stay x live in the moment. The people from Cyprus will ensure you’ll have a warm stay and the best vacation ever! Curious about our Elizawashere country house? Then quickly head over to their website.

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