A precious little gift..

When it comes to gifts, my boyfriend seems to know me pretty well. You probably already noticed that we got a new apartment together and moved in together for the first time in my life. That is a huge step for everyone I guess, we’ve been in love for over 4 years already but moving in together completely changed our relationship. In a positive way actually.. We seem to love each other even more when we can sleep together or spend more time together. Maybe its because we both have a really busy schedule, and in the past we always needed to plan everything and put our agenda’s together when we would or could see each other. But now all this planning isn’t necessary anymore, and that’s quite distressing. So after a few months of surviving with me, my beloved boyfriend got me this small precious gift. I probably gave him too many hints about it, that he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to buy it for me. It is this cute diamond ring on my picture, next to my amazing new Minelli shoes and favorite Carven perfume. 3 things that I keep deeply in my heart. It is so fun to see us all grow up and evolve in life and stuff. I don’t know how you guys feel about it, but for me its all so new and fun that I had to talk about it!

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