Handmade stuff is always better

I always have this thing for handmade items. Buying something, that was made with the love and care of someones hands, just gives me an instant happy feeling. In the past I’ve always had my eye on those oversized handmade knits, but I never found the right one. I was always looking for something colorful and just not boring.. So when I met Edyta, the sweet lady behind the gorgeous brand Ewithlove I got way too excited! She creates the most beautiful handmade oversized knits, more beautiful than you can imagine. Each piece is always different and created with a personal touch of Edyta. So now it was the right time to create my colorful piece, I just asked for a color explosion and BOOM she did it! Everybody is loving this extremely cute cardigan, I think I never got so many loving reactions before . But I kinda understand it, it just looks so fluffy and cute that no one could ever resist to go a week without this uber cute handmade knit. Including me! Want to create you own piece of magic? Don’t just hesitate to contact¬†this sweet lady!¬†(ewithlove.handmade@gmail.com)


EWITHLOVE, handmade cardigan // MINELLI, silver pumps // HM TREND, blouse and skirt // KOMONO, eyewear // GUCCI, mini-bag

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