Having one of your good friends right by your side while working out is always a good thing. Keeping each other motived when times get hard, cheering each other up and of course doing a battle from time to time, is also part of working out with friends. Nothing of that was less true, when I ran the 5,5K on the Abu Dhabi F1 circuit with one of my good friends. Yass you got it right, on the F1 circuit. WHUTT! The one where Lewis Hamilton drives his beast-car. That is where we had the chance to have a run in the evening. Every once in a while the circuit opens up at night for sporty people (like us) that always dreamed about running or cycling this amazing circuit. It was kinda a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both of us, and actually one of the most fun sporty things that I ever did in my life so far. But doing it with a good friend by your side is even cooler! When my girl Esther lost her fun in it, I cheered her up. And of course she did the same when times where getting hard for me. That’s what friendship is all about, and so is this new Björn Borg campaign. This amazing brand just launched it’s new collection, that is all about the rival/friendship relation between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg back in the days. Based on the negative examples of rivalries in the world right now, the brand wants to show us that rivalry can make you a better version of yourself. And that a best friend could be your rival in a battle, but also your support on other days. The new campaign includes the coolest sporty items, both male as female. Me and my girl, selected our favorites pieces out of the collection already. And now it’s your turn! What do you think about my new sporty spice look? Shop my full look just by clicking on each picture!



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