Coming back after a long day from work, what would please you even more than a relaxing bath and some good sounds. Since Avanca designed this new gadget to combine your favorite bath time with your even more favorite songs, nothing can relax me even more. After a long stressful day, a bath can make me so relaxed and just give my mind some peace. Don’t you feel me girls? So right now, this cute heart shaped bluetooth AND waterproof speaker goes everywhere with me. Even when I travel, I wouldn’t miss out on my favorite sounds thanks to this new speaker. While blasting John Legend trough my speaker and singing along his lyrics, my mind finds peace. And that’s what a me-time-moment is all about. Not only this cute heart will ensure your singstar moments, it makes it also possible that you can pick up your phone when your mom or best friend calls. So no longer jumping fully naked and wet out of your shower. You can just pick up easily with this cute thing and have a chat while you’re still washing your hair. Could you believe that? I think everyone needs this little gadget in their lives! If you are totally feeling me, head over to the Avanca website and shop this heart speaker right away with 30% discount! Just by simply using my personal code ‘ TROPICAL ‘.


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