Don’t know what to do on your next weekend? Why not book a mini-trip to Amsterdam? Only 1,5 hours drive away from Antwerp. Easy as hell don’t you agree? So that’s what I did a few weeks ago, booked a last minute trip to the Corendon Vitality Hotel with my mommy and off we went! Sadly the weather wasn’t at its best that weekend, but even rainy Amsterdam can make me instantly happy. I actually visit this cheezy city quite frequently, since I just love the chill vibes over there and the cool lunch places. So I kinda know my way around over there. But every time I go, I discover some new upcoming places. Like the Amsterdam foodhallen, not so new for some people. But for me it was the first time that I went there, and it was actually a really fun experience. Me and my mommy are for sure foodies, we appreciate good and yummy food so much. So for us it was very obvious that we needed to look for this place. Just a 15 min walk from the city center, and you’re there! So many cool, mini local food restaurants are located in the foodhallen. You don’t know what to choose first! It all looks amazing as hell! The first thing we needed to try were the truffle sweet potato fries. Like literally, the water still comes in my mouth just by thinking back to it. After that we went for a mixed hummus and falafel plate to share, and some rare burgers with jalepenos. (these hot bastards, are my favorite) So we enjoyed this mini getaway from the city a lot! So much that we straightly went back to the hotel afterwards, to have a relaxing night in their wellness section to get a massage. Since I came with my mother, I was really looking forward to get a double facial and relaxing massage. Double as in, me and my mommy getting a massage in the same room. So that we could catch up while we were enjoying our massage treatment. We’re both living a busy lifestyle, so it’s so nice to just catch up and enjoy the moment together. The day after we quickly got a breakie in the hotel and headed of to the city again for some shopping. Sadly it was still raining, but since the Bijenkorf opened a few new stores in their shop, we immediately rushed to the Bijenkorf to discover these new labels. I probably don’t need to mention that I fell head over heels in love with some new Dior earrings over there, and much more other Designer items. So after the Bijenkorf my budget was totally finished, and we just wandered around the city a bit before heading back to Antwerp! The perfect mother-daughter weekend getaway! Hopefully when you have a next open spot in your agenda, you’ll grab my advise and head to Amsterdam to have a lovely weekend as well! Enjoy my photo diary guys, bisou.

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