Et voila, last week I was telling you about my exciting new walk-in project together with Ikea and that I wanted you guys to show you the final result.. AND guess what, my baby is finished! A dream coming true, for me! But probably for every girl in the entire world. Because who doesn’t want a good looking closet? We kinda all want that! And just stop dreaming about it girls, and make it happen! Together with Ikea, building your own walk in PAX closet is easy as hell. If I can do it, you sure can too.. And prices are really fair as well, also an important thing of course! So what are you thinking? Did I do it good? What do you think of the final result? Please let me know in the comments below.. And yes, I’ve putted all my very precious belongings in the centre of my closet. Because those bags and shoes I mostly saved for, for a long time. These really mean the world to me, so for me it was kinda obvious that I would put them in the centre of my closet. So now you can get a little glimpse of my personal clothing department, and really hope you like it!





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