Mixing and matching is what I been doing lately. So when I saw these funky star panties in a Calzedonia shop, I grabbed them as fast as I could. Because in my head a new outfit was born. I just love to push it a little bit further lately, why be boring when you can wear something cool and funky. I just stopped thinking about what everyone else thinks about my look, and started seeing the fun of it. Like this funny Harley Davidson hat, it was in my closet for a year already. I got it at an Harley Davidson event last year in Amsterdam and when I came home I putted this thing in my closet and it hadn’t moved yet. Because I was always afraid, people wouldn’t understand this sailer/police-hat-look. But as you can see, I got over it. And apparently people loved it, as much as I did! Oh and yasss, you can still shop my funky new Céline sunglasses at 

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