Girls, don’t we like sleepovers? Well I had one last week with my favorite blogger girlfriends at Sleeplife. A fun girls night, full of relaxing massages, manicures and pillow fights! Because that’s what sleepovers are all about, don’t they? For me it was the first time that I actually hosted a PJ party! And seriously, I am going to do this more often. It’s really fun to just have a night with your favorite girls around you and just talk  for hours and eat popcorn the whole night. Because sometimes all we do is go out to dinner or parties. But now that I have experienced a PJ party. Nothing is more relaxing. So last week I held my sleepover not at my place, because I just have one bed of course. That is why I organized my sleepover party at a Sleeplife store. Where we got to know more about their amazing stores and even more amazing beds. I guess I need to switch my bed with a bed from Sleeplife now, because my nights have never been the same, after my Sleeplife experience. They have the softest beds, in every shape and color. Some of them, you never want to go out of them anymore. I really liked the way that they all supported my neck and back, because I always have troubles when it comes to my back. So for people like me, those beds really could change your nightlife and life in particular. They even now have a new studio that measures your personal sleeping DNA by measuring your length and pressure points, and that immediately digitally designs your very personal mattress. Isn’t that the coolest thing on earth? We all need a good rest at night, and we can always make it even more perfect if our mattress would totally fit our body. For me it’s the best solution ever heard! Afterwards, you can totally design the look and feel of your bed as well, by choosing the right hight and color of the frame and bed accessories.

And so of course, with the best beds come the most gorgeous sheets.. From Missoni to Cavalli, they kinda have it all. I don’t know which type you are? I like my sheets very simple, because I already have an eclectic bedroom. But I just have an extreme obsession with linen sheets.  For people that are more eclectic sheet-lovers, you should definitely check out the Roberto Cavalli sheets during the N8 Days at the Sleeplife stores! From the 16 th till the 25 th of March, everyone is welcome in store to have a tea-moment, enjoy a relaxing massage and a good reading session AND discover the new collections from Sleeplife. More info can be found underneath my post.



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