Ready to hit the slopes with Dragon Eyewear



What’s better than prepping for your next upcoming skitrip. I still hope that I could just sneak away for the weekend to spend a few days in the snow, just like last year when I went skiing in Spring to France. But this year I would be prepared, like never before. When Dragon Eyewear released their new Dragon Transitions goggles, I had to get my hands on these ones and try it out! Besides the fact that they’re extremely good looking (we all know my philosophy: the bigger the better), the lenses can adapt to every weather condition.┬áDragon Transitions adaptive lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight and lighten in cloudy or snowy conditions. Amen to that! This is just what I needed, halleluja! Since I always get myself in trouble when the clear blue sky changes into a snowy- darker setting, and I totally loose my sight. That’s when I totally freeze on my ski’s and start to panic. So these new lenses are designed to help enhance contrast and increase depth perception, giving you a clear visual advantage. The best solution to my panic attacks in the snow. Yess it’s painful to admit, I really loooovve being on a skitrip.. But I get afraid so easily on the slopes, due to the stupidest reasons. Now that this problem is solved, I’ll be more than ready to hit the slopes this season (or next season). Looking for more info about these amazing new goggles? Then head over to the Dragon website!



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