Yasss, one of my favorite iconic shoes became 30 yesterday! The Air Max. Well, not just my shoe but the total Air Max collection. It started 30 years ago with the iconic white groovy sneaker and has evolved over the years to a big ass collection that includes baby shoes and both sportswear and streetwear sneakers. Always been a huge fan of this iconic Nike sneaker, because I just love the heavy design of it. I am not the typical girly girly girl that loves those uber-feminine sneakers. I can appreciate them, but I like heavier designs more. This time I went for the new sportswear Air Max sneaker, since I was dieying to get my hands on this extremely good running shoe. Plus I can wear them just underneath my favorite 501 ripped jeans as well! Also feeling the Air Max vibe? Then head over to the Zalando Air Max page, and dive into the new NIKE AIR MAX collection! Greets from (not so sunny Abu Dhabi), good that I have my running shoes with me!

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