A never ending love story..


Still can’t believe my very own eyes that I got this baby in my hands. My love for bae is really endless. Driving has never been more fun before! And like really, it has been a dream driving this uber cool car with my blogger’s name on it. Even my outfit posts are looking better than ever with this cool new black accessory. Oh and all the positive and sweet reactions that I got from all you guys. Really it means the world to me! I would never have guessed that everyone would be so excited about this new collab, like I was! The only thing I must admit, is that its probably the best for me that I need to be a bit less excited about bae. I’m talking about driving this speedy monster in particular. Sadly I just got back from Amsterdam with a little present. My first fine.. Slowing it down a bit the next upcoming months, I think 🙂

So have you seen the new Land Rover Velar model, that just got released? Check it out now on the Land Rover Peeters Herentals website!



// Big thanks to Land Rover – Jaguar Peeters Herentals //

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