Lately I find myself more and more in Yoga classes, maybe its because of that I work out a lot more than before. And during the week I always rush myself from work to my personal trainer to get ¬†a hard class of strength training or on other days you can find me in my favorite Thai box class. But as you hear, those two are more hardcore workouts that focus on both getting more muscled and toned. And I started to miss my zen moments, you know. When I come home from my yoga class or barre workout, I feel totally relaxed and my mindset is quit amazing on these days. Plus lately I noticed¬†that I’ve became less flexible than when I was visiting my yoga studio every week. That’s when I decided that it was enough, it had been way too long that I was on a break with yoga. So since a few weeks you can find me back in class every Saturday. Because what’s better to kickstart your weekend with a little me time? But with a fresh new start of 2017 comes a more fashionable yoga outfit, don’t you agree? I could not resist buying this new yoga top and pants by Nike when I spotted the new Yoga-favorites on Zalando. Yeahh, I’m a sucker for those kind of things. I hate working out in old sportswear. Could you blame me?? With a new goal, always comes a new look! If you feel me, head over to their website then to get to know more yoga tips and yoga-proof outfits.






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