That’s one thing we could all agree on! And with a new it-mule in lala land comes a new obsession. At least from my side, I developed a strange obsession with the N21 mules that are seen rocking on every fashionista’s feet during the fashionweeks. My obsession got so real, that I literally can’t stop thinking about them all day long. It’s just that you see so many endless outfit options with them, and you could already imagine how gorgeous they would be looking on your feet. Buttt it’s just the pricetag that is giving me a rough time. And sometimes we need to let go such beautiful things, because yeah we all have struggled with budgets already, don’t we? But you guys, it’s fair to say that that will not stop my obsession, you know.. I will always keep them in a special place in my heart! And will continue my hunt to find a copycat that fits my personal budget more, lol.. Let’s go!


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