Guys I probably told you a hundred times already that I just moved out from my parents house and moved into a new and my very own apartment. As excited as I was on the first visit, I immediately noticed that there was an extra room that was meant to be for a dressing room. Halleluja! Since we don’t have kids of course, what should we do with that extra room in the first place.. So YASS, MY VERY OWN DRESSING ROOM WASEN’T JUST A DREAM ANYMORE! It became a little project of mine. Together with Ikea, I started looking and measuring what was possible with this room and what not. In my head my room was a tiny bit bigger than in real life. I always dreamed of a huge open dressingroom, but now I created my mini-version of it. Don’t get me wrong, it is still huge. Especially when my hubby reminds me of it every day,  ‘like come on, how easily can you fill in a dressingroom with all your clothes’. Probably that’s always the problem, I like to fill in empty spaces with new stuff 🙂 But enough said about my love for clothes (obsession is the word that my boyfriend likes to uses). So after the measuring, I straightly went to the nearest Ikea shop. And lucky me, it’s actually right behind my corner. So I started creating my room with their program on the pc, that is by the way really an easy pie. Luckily they have such systems! And voila I was ready to go. I chose their newest PAX system that has really, endlesss possibilities. But in my room I opted for 3 parts in my dressing room, lot’s of hanging pieces because I have a lot of dresses. And lots of shoves, because it always looks cleaner when t-shirts and knits are inside a shove, and the last thing shelves for my bags and designer shoes. Another thing that I really had in mind, is that my new room really needed to look clean an neat. Because in the past, I always had trouble with that 🙂 I must say, I am a littttle bit messy. But that’s okay I guess.. Now you guys are probably thinking, did she really put everything together by herself? No, let’s just be honest.. If I never had such a handyman at home, it would have been a tiny bit harder to get everything done so fast and easily. Buttt Ikea always has a solution for that! You can always ask for a guy to help you with it, of course it costs a little bit of money. But I think it’s better to have a little help than just being clumsy by yourself. Are you already getting excited to see the result? Hold on, by the end of this week your eyeballs will roll! And in the mean time, check out the endless possibilities of the Ikea Pax Dressing rooms yourself!

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