Picking out my new cover together with Coverique

Hi there fancy people, maybe you already noticed on my social media accounts that I am in the middle of moving out to a new apartment. And with a new apartment comes new furniture of course.. Because that’s just the joy of it! And I kinda got sick of my old Ikea gloomy grey seat, so there where two options. Buy a new one or cover it up with a cool new funky color that matches my spirit and style more. I went for the second one, since I bumped on this brand new concept of Coverique. A local business that makes covers for your beloved Ikea seats, in (almost) every color you can imagine. So for me it was a pleasure receiving those samples to pick out my most favorite color with a good inspirational book and a cup of coffee. Annddd, you guys probably want to know which one I picked out. Royal blue, was my favorite. I am kinda in the velvet vibe right now, so when I saw this dark dark blue velvet-ish fabric, I went crazy for it. My cover will be delivered in a few days, and seriously I cannot wait anymore! Go and check out, Coverique’s website for more info! Keep you guys posted on the result, soon more scoop!

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