Decorating the new condo

There is nothing more fun than to begin with an empty  new apartment and start decorating it. I must truly say that I didn’t know that I would be such a freak in it. But it’s so funn you know, looking for new and vintage pieces to give your flat that extra something. I certainly went not mainstream with decorating, I really like things with a story behind it. Like this old vintage Chinese vase, combined with my new ones by Pomax.  Oh and candles, is there something like a candle-aholic? Because I think I got that disease already. From Diptyque to Voluspa I want it all, and preferably in every color and scent. Even my boyfriend asked me to stop buying candles and vases. Cause he thinks I am a complete lunatic. I will take the advise, but not quite sure if I will stop doing that 🙂 So what do you think of my new cover by Coverique? Do you like the result? I fell immediately in love with the Royal Navy color. And a nice thing is, that you can be like a clumsy person but still keep your seat as pretty as in the beginning. Yeah I kinda am a clumsy person, so the aqua coating that is put on my cover makes sure that everything will be okay in the end. When I spill my glass of red wine, or even chocolate… You can easily wipe dirt away with a bit of water and a simple towel. Isn’t that the best thing you’ve heard in years? Because we all get the problem of dirty spots on our seat covers. But these people from Coverique are one step further! They got it all covered. Head over to the website for more info! Oh and don’t you think my new Pomax cushions are tha prettiest ever? It’s kinda obvious that I did think everything trough when I picked out my seat cover and the cushions. I kinda like the eclectic style, and I’m really into velvet for the moment. Like I told you already in my previous post. So I HAD TO HAD these dark green and blue velvet cushions for my new seat. You can shop them now on the brand new webshop by Pomax. Anndd you’ll probably will stay a little bit longer on their site as expected, because Oh boy, the new collection is really mind blowing. Not only small items like cool cushions or vases will be found in their new collection, they also have the prettiest chairs you’ve ever seen, oh and their dining table props. Djeez I still need so many things, so I will def will pay another visit to their webshop.

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