Few weeks ago I got a phone call for a trip to Süd Tirol. My first impression was Tirol in late summer season? Isn’t Tirol for skiing? But apparently I got it all wrong. Of course the Tirol area is famous for its winter season and especially for winter sports. But never have anyone mentioned to me that its even more breathtaking in summer. The south of Tirol got me from the second I got there. Have you seen the lakes?? The mountains? Like for real, have you? Because if not, plan your trip to Tirol right away! The nature over there is IN-CREDIBLE! I’ve actually never seen something more beautiful and mind blowing like this. A must visit in the area is definitely Lago di braies. Get your ass over there in the early morning, to enjoy the peaceful moment. It is a very popular lake so you better avoid the busier moments, plus in the morning the lake will turn snake green. Really rare, and absolutely gorgeous. Another tip is to take a rowing boat, to get to the other side of the lake. It will be fun, I can assure you. Like look at the picture above, you can see we had some fun times! Especially when you almost fall off the boat 🙂  Another must – visit area is Kronplatz, where the last master piece was build of Zaha Hadid. The Messner Mountain Museum Corones on Kronplatz is on the edge of South Tyrol’s mountain plateau with the most spectacular views, a unique museum just like all the other great designs of her. Last but not least, good Italian food and wine. Of course you have plenty more stuff to do like mountain biking, hiking, visiting cute little Italian villages. But wine is more my kind of thing! Especially red wine. So we had this incredible wine tasting, which is def something you need to do when you visit Italy. Personally for me, this country has the best wine ever!

Okay maybe you’ve already noticed that my heart is full of love for this less famous Italian area, and I hope you’ll discover it soon. Because I must say, it is really a shame to think of Tirol only for skiing, just like I did! Butt I think I need to go back there to enjoy the winter season as well, to give you more inside tips about Süd Tirol. So soon more scoop about it!










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