Why be moody, when you can shake that booty? Don’t let your Monday blues kick-in. Fight them with some funkiness and a little splash of color. Just like I did. It’s not that I hate Mondays, but I def don’t love them either. So that’s why I chose a look that was both colorful and funky. I must say my new Fendi shades is really the eye-catcher of my look. You were probably already up-to-date with the fact that I have a little sunglasses obsession going on. Maybe because of the fact that I am an optician on paper, or just because of the fact that I can hide my dark circles behind it. Who will tell.. But I happened to find this winged masterpiece at De Wolf Opticiens. You really must check out their gorgeous collection, on ¬†their brand new web shop. Shop here! For the other part of my look, I chose for a simple black bootie combined with a red sweat and a short leather skirt. But my jacket, was the one that finished my look. I don’t know what it is, but I have a special place in my heart for kaki colored items. What do you think of my Monday look? Find my full look on¬†.





FENDI, sunglasses by Dewolfopticiens // OTHELLO HEIST, clothing // ZARA, booties // GIVENCHY, bag // URBAN DECAY, lipstick and make-up.

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