Currently only fantasizing about the new Renaissance era that Gucci created in 2016. We let us inspire by crazy embroidered flower prints and blasts of colors. Seriously Gucci, you are killin’ me! I catch myself admiring every single piece of their collection. And especially the new heart-bag from the AW16 collection. But my bank account wouldn’t let me. It’s way above my budget, but that doesn’t stop me from craving every other Gucci piece. They really pulled off a comeback. But to be honest, I was always a Gucci lover by heart. My very first designer item, was a Gucci bag that I scored in sales. One 16 year old happy girl! But afterwards, other designers started to attract me more and I sort of forgot about Gucci. Seriously a shame, but now I am never losing them out of sight anymore. So yass, I maybe sort of bought myself a tiny item out of their collection. The A-maze-balls platforms. Oh and it felt so good! Yes I crave all their embroidered bags and┬ábrocade ball dresses. But these shoes I will def wear on a more regular base. I have plenty of other flower dresses in my closet, so I can easily create my own Gucci-inspired-look. Like for example with this long Object Collectors Item dress.





OBJECT COLLECTORS ITEM, long dress // GUCCI, platform sandals // TOD’S, mini bag

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