Currently my room is such a big mess. My bed is covered in bikini’s and summer dresses. It is always so hard to choose what is going with me on the vacay and what not. These rhinestone sandals are so going with me! They’re like the most comfy sandals ever! And so easy to match! Perfect to head to the beach or even for dinner. I am honestly counting the hours till my holiday. Leaving in 3 days, and still lots to do before I leave. Saying goodbye to my current work space and looking forward to a new one. And YASSS finally the word is out! I will start working for ENES in August. A well known store in Antwerp. Super excited, since this store always had a special place in my heart. The collections are so fashion forward and are totally fitting my personal style. The shop is expanding and moving to a new place, it will grow into a 4 floor concept store with a bar for the hubby’s and a bed and breakfast on top of the building. So cool! What will I do there? I will do what I love most! Social media of course. I’ll be their new social media manager and take care of the web shop from A to Z, plus I will assist the owner in buying in the new collections. Exciting don’t you think? A new adventure ahead! But first BALI BOUND! Don’t forget to score your sandals at Timmermans. And psshht, do I hear sales?


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