Hi guys, another holiday adventure coming up this month! YAY! Couldn’t be more excited actually. First cause I’ve never been to Indonesia before, and I was always craving it. Second, because I’ve quit my job! Shocker! No actually not.. I’m always the girl that is up for new adventures, and new job opportunities. But more about that afterwards. So Bali! Yasss, we’re going! We as in, me and my beloved boyfriend. We are travelling trough Bali to search for chill surf spots, and cool hipster places + we are going to hop-on-a-boat to the Gili Islands.

I know the Gili’s are really touristic. But it is still a must-see place in the world. Look at that picture on top of my post. Would you resist those cool blue-and-white cabins? This is the hotel where I will be spending my 2 nights in Gili Trawagan. Le Pirate, it is called. Just a wooden cabin, with no tv or wifi and an outside shower. What could be more relaxing? But beside the back-to-basics style, they have a gorgeous garden full of hammocks and a an amazing beach view. Just the right thing I needed. You should def check it out! But then back to Bali, there we will stay in Canggu and Nusa Dua. We tried to avoid the typical crowded area’s like Seminyak. Because we are really not in to that. But we will maybe check it out by scooter, just like Ubud. We are not sleeping in Ubud, but we will def pay a visit to it! So we chose Canggu since this is a famous surf area, with cool bars and hangouts. And then Nusa Dua, because this is a more quiet area and very close to Uluwatu. Where only the big ass waves are in Bali. And this is something we def would want to check out! Just sayin but even Brody Jenner goes there to surf. Uhumm! So you can already understand why this area was on top of my wishlist 🙂 Keep you guys in the loop with my Bali travel diary!


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