What’s better than being the first one to hit the slopes in the morning? Besides the perfect pow pow, being the first one gives you a special feeling. The view in the mountains, the silence, it is really extremely peaceful and relaxing. I think I never want to be on the slopes around 10 again. Think I will be the first one standing in line for the elevator in the future. So as you can see, I went for a late ski trip to Alpe D’Huez and Les Arcs last month with Atout France. You’re probably thinking, you did what? Skiing in spring? Is this like a new thing? Yes it actually is people! A shame if you are a ski lover and you haven’t been on a ski trip in spring season. First of all, the weather really is awesome. Plenty of sunshine! The slopes are not crowded anymore ( but this I am about to change ), cause if you are going skiing next spring season you will start doing this on a regular base. I swear! Next thing, you are probably thinking about the conditions of the snow. Nope they aren’t bad at all, in the French ski area’s they have a solution for this called snow canons. Plus you are really high in the mountains, so the snow condition is always good over there! Et dis-moi, what’s better than seeing the Mont Blanc while you are enjoying a little drink in the sun. I prefer sun over cold and misty snow weather! I am honestly so happy that I did this trip, I really enjoyed the snow even more than in winter season. Okay it also maybe had something to do with the hotels we were staying in, and the spa trips.. We got a little spoiled over there! But besides that, I am really happy that I went skiing in spring! Hope you do to next year! Visit www.skiingintospring.com for more info.






Thanks for everything Atout France!

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