We all love to dress up, even when it comes to gym clothes. We leave boring colors in 2015 and take the bright ones with us in 2016. Plus multi colored outfits are even more visible in traffic than boring ones, so that’s another positive fact of dressing colorful. WE FASHION just launched its first female performance wear collection, and they did a pretty good job! The clothes look smashing. PINK CAMOU, I call this color. A mix of bright pink and black in a form of camouflage. Pretty cool don’t you think? And really not boring at all! The jacket is perfect for the colder days, and is as light as a little feather. Since I am a frequent runner I mostly dress up in layers. So that I can drop an item when I’m running and it’s getting way too hot, but still keep myself warm while sweating. The collection will be in store as from this week, so hurry up to score your items! Or visit to find your camou outfit online.






WE FASHION, sportswear // ADIDAS, ultra boost sneakers.

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