With every beginning of a new year, comes a clean fresh start. Rather you want it or not. Its a fact that everyone makes New Year’s resolutions. So did I. A healthier lifestyle and working out more are my topics that I need to work on. I love realistic resolutions, I don’t like to fail. So I chose 2 things that I am capable of to work harder on. Living the PR lifestyle in a mix with the blog, gives me stressy moments from time to time. And of course long working hours, so eating clean isn’t a priority then. That needs to be changed. I made a pact with Rituals Cosmetics that I would stick to my resolutions, and that they would help me to complete them. Maybe you’ve already see me using the hashtag #sportyspice? If not, you will definitely see me doing it in the future. When I post a picture that is sports related, I will use the hashtag #sportyspice. Rituals will check my instagram feed by this hashtag to see if I’m sticking to the program. Why is Rituals also focussing on new resolutions? Because they just updated their well known Ayurveda collection. Ayurveda is all about relaxing and a clean fresh body. With names like Yoga flow and Chakra water, this collections fits perfectly in a new clean lifestyle. With a touch of soft Indian roses and sweet almond oils, your mind will be more relaxed than ever. To celebrate this cool collab between Bibleoffashion and Rituals Cosmetics, we had a little get together with my other partners in crime ( co – bloggers ). We had a delish raw food meal by Rawfood Julie, and had lovely chats about this amazing Ayurveda collection.









Big thanks to Rituals Cosmetics and Ian Hermans for the great shots.

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