Being active and healthy was always a part of my lifestyle. But lately I’ve been more and more into sports. Trying out new classes like barre workouts and boxing. Just to keep up with what’s hot in sports and to learn what’s the best thing to keep my body lean. I’m a frequent runner,  but I love try out new stuff to keep my body and of course mind into shape. When it comes to sportswear, I’m always in for flashy or poppy colors. Not just to look good, but also to be visible on the road when I’m running pretty early in the morning. For me when I choose my sportswear it needs to feel good and look good. Like for example this cute little shorts by Superdry, it’s so light and comfy. So perfect for running activities but also perfect to do a set of squats. It’s not too thight and that’s a good thing. It’s fits every sport activity. As for my shoes, I always choose a funky color. But they really need to give my feet the support that they need. These’s Saucony shoes, have a gel in the sole that give my feet on the inside the right support. And that’s even more important than just the look of the shoe. I admit it, I really like Nike running shoes. But just for their looks.. Not for their fit. I just really need a good running shoe that gives me the right support, otherwise I’ll get pain on the inside of my feet. So ladies keep it in mind, go for the support not for the look!


Where to find? Visit the Superdry and Saucony website for more info.

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